RE:CALL – God is recalling our model of church

Graham Cooke did a conference at East Hill Church this last week.  You can check the Wednesday night message here and the Thursday night message hasn’t posted yet but will soon.  We had a three hour staff meeting with Graham.  Just about everything he says is worth quoting but one thing he mentioned I can’t get out of my mind.  It’s been messing with me all week.  He said “God is recalling our model of church.”

Just the other day my wife found out that our crib has a recall on it.  The crib we used for our first two kids and plan on using for our next one.  Something is faulty with the railing.  The interesting thing about recalls is when a company finds a defect on one they recall every single model.  In this case, several million cribs.  The same thing happens when a car manufacturer finds a defect on one of their cars.  They have a recall on all the cars and you can take it to the dealer to get if fixed (even if it’s not broken!).

As a church leader I’ve spent a lot of timing trying to figure out what “works” in ministry and what doesn’t.  There are a lot of churches doing a lot of different things.  Especially in youth ministry.  There are a ton of books about best practices, principles, models and methodologies.  I’ve tried a few of them.  Some worked, some didn’t.  But what I’ve found that what works in ministry has always worked: the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Leading people into a true encounter with Him is the best attraction we can use.  One of my mentor’s always said “what you catch them with, you will keep them with.”  It’s certainly holds true in my limited experience.  So I ask the Lord, “Recall anything in me that doesn’t line up with Your character and replace it with more of Your Spirit.”


1 thought on “RE:CALL – God is recalling our model of church

  1. Spot on right. Nothing wrong with using models, principles or systems. In fact, there is a place for them. But they all change. They can be used, but they cannot be built on. MinistryLife changeTransformationService and sacrificeAll have to be build on and then flow out of the power of Jesus.

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