a blog worth reading

Wow!  I just read a post from A Joyful Dwelling and think it’s worth reading for anyone who struggles with fear.  And yes, it’s written by a girl, who happens to be married to me.  It’s called Fearless.  I hope you check it out.


My Very First Blog

This is my very first blog.  After reading several blogs of friends, family and fellow youth pastors I felt like I wasn’t very “progressive.”  So I decided to join the rest of my contemporaries in starting a blog.  So here it is; my first blog.  I plan on expressing my deepest values and commitments in life and everything that pertains to it.  So what are those values?  It’s quite simple.  My love for family, my love for Jesus, and my love for the church.  I told you it was simple.

I have an amazing wife, Brianne, and two incredible boys, Joseph and Jack.  And of course, my daughter, Sophia, is still being formed in her mother’s womb – set to come into this world on February 1, 2011. 
I love Jesus.  I’ve dedicated my entire life to loving and serving him.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  And last, I love the church.  In all it’s glory and in all it’s dysfunction.  It is why I’m a pastor and why I serve students at East Hill Church. 

So there it is.  My first blog.